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I am an Associate Professor at SUNY Plattsburgh. I study the evolution and molecular basis of aging using Drosophila and social insects. I teach Cell Biology (Bio 401), Communicating Biology (Bio 380), General Genetics (Bio 305) and Biology of Aging (Bio 339). I also supervise undergraduate research projects on aging and stress using invertebrate models.

Website updated: June, 2015.


Bio 339 is happening this spring!

I am happy to be teaching Biology of Aging (Bio 339) for the second time. It did not run last year so I was very keen on making sure it happened this year. The first time the class was nearly full; this time around we are about half that. I look forward to see how this one will go with a much smaller class and the incresed opportunities that come with this smaller class size.

Near full house for General Genetics.

Bio 305 is almost full this spring. Fortunately, I have two outstanding undergraduates (Florie Capobianco and Presila Bejo) lined up as teaching assistants and we are in a better lab space. With the advent of CRISPR, both the lecture and lab sequence have been modified to reflect a coming revolution in the field.